Friday, December 21, 2007

Anastasia's Box of Live

I think Miss Peach created this meme, and though we never got tagged for it specifically, I really want to do a version of it about Anastasia's Box of Live:

It is her permanent shrine which we created after 30 days of mourning at her altar:

and it now stands under the window, by the tiger named Lilly, who she was never afraid of:

Here you can see it at it's permanent place, and you already saw it in one of the pictures from our Secret Paw post:

This is a close up of it, it has a star on top because Anastasia now is a star. And the sun. And we all know she is cat enough to do both jobs!!! There are windows for six pictures and the whole box turns around on it's base.

And there are many many things inside! Some of her favorite toys. Some dried shrimp. The poem I wrote. Monte's picture. More pictures of herself. One of the booklets she wrote with me. Gifts from other cats.

Anastasia we miss you sooo much.
We will ALWAYS love you!
Karl, the maid and the butler